Getting Started With Voicebox1

  • What is
  • is a web based tool that allows voice seekers to find the most qualified voice talent for their jobs. Likewise, voice talent can audition for jobs that are specifically matched to their skills. Voicebox1 is unique because all voice talent must participate in an evaluation conducted in conjunction with VoiceCoaches a professional and independent voice coaching company, before they can subscribe to the website. The system is easy to use and all functions are performed through the website.

  • What makes unique?
  • Voicebox1 is the only voiceover marketplace that evaluates its voice talent. In partnership with VoiceCoaches , a professional voice coaching company, we ensure that all talent represented on our website meets basic qualification criteria. For more detail on the criteria, click here.

  • If I can't find a solution on the site, what can I do?
  • If you can't find an answer to your question, or your question hasn't been fully answered, you can email Customer Care by calling us toll-free at 1-888-821-8099 or by direct line at (312) 462-1821 or email us at You can reach us Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm EST and Saturdays from 10:00am to 6:00pm EST. Our office is closed on Sundays.

  • Is my information safe? Do you have a Privacy Policy?
  • Yes, your information is safe and your privacy is very important to us. We work hard to earn and keep your trust, so we adhere to the following principles to protect your privacy: We will never rent or sell your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes We will never share your contact information with another user, unless both of you choose to contact one another Any sensitive information that you provide will be secured with industry standard technology Please take a moment to read the following to learn more about our privacy policies, including what type of information is gathered, how the information is used and for what purposes, to whom we disclose the information, and how we safeguard your personal information. Your privacy is a priority at Voicebox1, and we go to great lengths to protect it. To read our complete privacy policy, click here.

  • What are your office hours?
  • The following is a list of United States national holidays when our office will be closed.
    • New Year's Day - January 1
    • Memorial Day – the last Monday of May
    • Independence Day - July 4
    • Labor Day - First Monday of September
    • Thanksgiving Day – Fourth Thursday of November
    • Christmas - December 25
    Our regular hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 8:00pm EST and Saturdays from 10:00am to 6:00pm EST. Our office is closed on Sundays.

    Posting a Job

  • How do I post a voice over job and receive quotes?
  • Posting a job will allow you to receive MP3 voiceover auditions and quotes from a variety of voice over professionals. It is quick and easy to do. Our job posting service is free and yields great results. To post a job, login to your account and you will be taken to your Dashboard. "Create New Job”. You can create a new job by selecting an existing project and adding the job to that project or by creating an entirely new project. Please complete all of the fields. For quoting purposes, our members request that you provide as much information as possible regarding your company, the nature of your project, the length of the script (word count or finished running time), market size and what your company has budgeted for voice over work. Vocal direction and a sample script are also very helpful. If you do not require a custom read of your script, please note that in the script and details section of the posting.

  • How can I send a message to a talent?
  • In order to contact a voice actor at Voicebox1 you must be registered on the website and have responses to a job posting. If you have posted a job and have received responses you can select “New Messages” from the Dashboard, or select the “Message” menu from any job and respond to an existing message or send a new message to the voice actor. This system enables registered users of Voicebox1 to initiate email messages that are sent through the Voicebox1 website to the recipient and stored within their Voicebox1 account. A copy of the message is also stored under the sender's Messages menu When a message is sent, a copy of the message is delivered immediately to the recipients Inbox folder within their Voicebox1 account. Talent may not initiate communication. Only clients (voice seekers) are able to do so either from an audition, or by inviting talent from the talent's profile page. Talent may reply to a received message or initiate a new message once initial contact has been made by the client . If you believe your message has not been delivered or are concerned by a lack of response please contact with information on who the message was sent to and we will follow up.

  • After I post a job, how do I go back and edit it?
  • Once you’ve posted your job, you have the ability to edit your job posting. You can edit the basic details, or all the job properties. To edit your job posting you will need to do the following:
    1. Login to Voicebox1
    2. On the Dashboard, select your job from the list of projects in the left margin
    3. On the “Overview” page, click on “Job Actions” and select “Edit Job”
    4. View your job and make edits as necessary.
    5. Update your job
  • What are the Job Posting Guidelines?
  • Jobs containing any of the following items will not be approved for public posting at Voicebox1:
    • Profanity
    • Adult content 
    • Gambling
    • Extreme violence
    • Racist content
    • Slander or ill will
    • Budget below minimum requirement
    • Free voice over request
    • Intention of mining the talent database
    • Full script or sample script not provided
    • The theme and project objectives not clearly communicated
  • Is there a minimum budget for posted jobs?
  • Yes, no jobs can be posted for less than $150 U.S.

  • How do I review responses to my job posting?
    1. Login to your account
    2. Go to your Dashboard and see “New Auditions” listed at top of page
    3. Click on “show me” for the audition you want to review
    4. On the “Job Auditions” page click on the audition file you want to listen to. You can also download the quote file.
    5. Once you decide which audition best meets your needs, you can “Award” the job or send voice actor a message if you have questions.
  • If I have an issue with one of the files uploaded by my talent, how do I request a change?
  • If you have received a file from a talent you've hired through our SafeBox trust service and there's an issue you can go to “Messages” and send a new message to the voice actor requesting a change.

  • What happens if I request an edit of the files delivered by the voice talent?
    1. In the description or quote file, has the talent offered to include free edits?
    2. Is the change due to a change in the script or the talent's read?
    3. Do not click "Release Funds" until you are happy with the files.
    4. Click on the Edit Job button and then outline what is wrong with the file and the changes needed. This will send the talent an email. If the talent agrees to re-record they can upload the new file to the same job.
    5. If you cannot contact the talent to request the edit please let us know so that we can contact the talent on your behalf. Email:
  • How do I add talent to my Favorites list?
  • To add a voice talent to your Favorites list for future contact you can do so by:
    1. Login to your account
    2. On your Dashboard click on “Find Talent” on the top menu
    3. On the “Search for Voice Talent” page, select the voice actor's criteria and click on “Search”.
    4. For each of the talent displayed, you will see a "star" in the profile box. Clicking on the star will select and de-select talent from your Favorites list.
    5. On the main menu bar at the top of the page , you can select "Favorite Talent" to view your favorites. Clicking on the "star" will de-select talent from your Favorites list.

    Making Payments

  • What is the SafeBox Trust Service and how does it work?
  • The SafeBox trust service is a secure payment service available to all members of The benefit of our SafeBox service, is that your deposit is remains in a Voicebox1 bank account until you're satisfied with the final recording. You will be asked to accept the final recording and release the funds. After receiving your payment authorization, Voicebox1 will initiate payment to the voice talent.

  • What happens in the event of a dispute between the voice seeker and voice talent?
  • In the event of an issue Voicebox1 will act as a mediator between you and your selected talent. If a resolution cannot be met through mediation then your deposit is refunded back to you so that you can hire a new talent.

  • How are payments made?
  • Payments can be made using all major credit cards.

  • What fees do I pay to hire voice talent?
  • When you make the decision to pay a talent via Voicebox1's SafeBox Service, there is an administrative fee that is added to the talent's professional fee. If you accept the talent's quote a 10% fee is automatically added to this quote by Voicebox1. The administrative service fee is 10% of whatever the talent's fee is. This fee is kept by Voicebox1 to cover the administrative costs associated with managing the account. 

  • I've accepted the quote submitted by the voice talent. What happens next?
  • You accepted the audition file by clicking on "Award" . This tells the voice talent that you have chosen them to record the job. You will be taken to the payment page. Once you authorize payment, your funds will be held in SafeBox’s secure account until you are satisfied with the job and you authorize release of funds to the voice actor.

  • PayPal will not accept money from my country. How do I make a payment?
  • Voicebox1 accepts Visa and MasterCard payments directly online as well as by phone. Here are a few alternatives:.
    1. If you have a friend or relative located in a country that can use the PayPal service, they can make the payment on your behalf.
    2. If you have a credit card, you could email us the information and we could bill you ( A receipt will be emailed to you.
    3. You can also get a money order from a bank and send it by mail. This will result in a delay in your membership. Once it is received, an emailed receipt will be sent to you.
  • When does my membership renew?
  • You can access your account details, including your membership date from your Voicebox1 “My account” menu and select “Account Information”. If you are a voice seeker, your membership does not need to be renewed. There is no membership fee for voice seekers. If you are a voice talent, your membership automatically renews on the anniversary date of your membership (eg. monthly or annually). If you discover that your account information is not accurate, please contact us at

    Guides for Clients

  • How do I know how much to budget for a job?
  • Voicebox1 provides a standard rate sheet to provide some guidance in setting budgets for your jobs. A word of caution. Rates vary significantly depending on the regional market, local vs. national campaigns and many other factors. Because of wide number of variables involved, these rates are not intended to represent any standard in the voice acting industry. To access the rate sheet click here.



  • What are the fees for subscribing to Voicebox1?

  • PROMOTION : Voicebox1 is currently running a promotion. The regular monthly recurring price of $34.95 is being suspended. For a limited time, voice talent can pay $34.95 and remain on the site for as long as it takes to land your first job. After that, you decide on the monthly membership of $34.95 or the annual membership of $275.

    But until then you get to subscribe to the site, enter profile info, load demos, and get all this free exposure. 

    Voicebox1 charges a subscription fee to represent talent on its website. There are monthly subscriptions and annual subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions are $34.95. Annual subscriptions are $275 which is a 35% savings over the monthly subscription  price. All subscriptions are automatically renewed on the enrollment date.

    Creating Your Profile eating a Profile

  • How do I create a profile?
  • Once you signup as a member of Voicebox1, you will be asked to complete your profile. This includes all the relevant information that is needed to create the best possible match with prospective voice seekers. Make sure you complete this section as thoroughly as possible, in order to provide voice seekers with the information they need to make the right selection of voice talent.

  • How do I add and upload a demo(s) to
  • To upload a demo to your Voicebox1 profile, please follow the instructions:
    1. Login to the website and select "My Account" from the top menu.
    2. Select "Manage Your Demos" on the next page
    3. In the "Add Demos" box click the "browse" button to find the MP3 demo that you've previously recorded , then select "Upload"
    Describing Your Demo Demo Title: add a descriptive title that best reflects the nature of your demo, i.e. Commercials, Real Estate Listings, Telephone Prompts, and so on. Featured Demo: click the "Make Default" link if you want it to be the first demo displayed on your profile page.

  • What are the ideal demo file settings at
  • Audio Setttings for Demos and Auditions All demos and audition files need to be in the following format: bit rate of 128 kbps and a sample rate of 44.1 kHz in MP3. In addition, there is a 100MB size limit per file, and a 500MB combined size limit on all demo uploads. You can upload up to 5 demos.

  • How do I set up my job notification preferences?
  • Email notifications are automatically sent to you from our server for all new job postings that match your profile settings. Please be sure that you have the correct gender, languages and vocal ranges selected. Make sure that your correct email address is entered under "My Account/Change Email/Password"

  • How do I update my account and profile?
  • "My Account" is where you can update your personal and company details and also maintain your contact information. This is where you can also update your voice profile. The email address that you have in your Account contact info is the address that your voice over job notifications will be sent to. To update your Profile, login to your Voicebox1 account and click on "My Account" in the menu at the top of the page. Select "Update Voice Profile" You can edit any of part of your voice profile and save it.

  • How do I record my voice to make a voice-over demo?
  • To successfully record your voice and upload a sample to Voicebox1, the minimum that you need is a script, an approved microphone (from the Voicebox1 approved microphone list) and approved recording software ( from the Voicebox1 approved software list). Once you've been evaluated and approved for membership, you can subscribe to Voicebox1 and enter your profile information, including up to 5 demos.

  • What determines which jobs I see?
    • Languages (found under Profile)
    • Gender (found under Profile)
    • Vocal Ranges (found under Profile)
  • What are voice talents being evaluated on?
  • The VoiceBox1 evaluation process is unique. All of our voice talent who subscribe to our site must participate in an evaluation. The evaluation is based primarily on the talent’s recording capabilities, which includes quality of microphone, recording software and quality of audio sample produced by voice talent. In addition, voice talent must provide 2 references which will be checked by VoiceBox1 to verify professionalism and integrity. To find out more on the evaluation process, click here.

  • Who is conducting the evaluation? And what are their credentials?
  • The evaluation is being conducted Voicebox1 in conjunction with VoiceCoaches, a professional and well established voice coaching company with over 15 years of experience in the voice coaching industry. Voicecoaches assesses the voice talent’s recording capabilities to determine if the voice talent is qualified and can be certified by VoiceBox1.

  • How long will the evaluation process take?
  • The evaluation process should take no more than 2 days. After submitting your profile and audio sample to Voicecoaches for review, you will be notified of the results by email. If you successfully pass the evaluation, you can then log back in to Voicebox1 and complete the application process.

  • If I don’t pass the evaluation, what steps can I take to be approved?
  • The evaluation report will state the reason(s) you did not pass the evaluation. You can correct these deficiencies and re-submit your evaluation for reconsideration. You must wait a period of 48 hours before you re-submit your evaluation.

  • What Are Certification Levels and What do They Mean?
  • All VoiceBox1 talent must meet the required criteria to be eligible to participate in voiceBox1. In addition to meeting this requirement all VoiceBox1 talent are classified into one of 3 levels of Certification, depending on their experience level. There three classification levels are: Master Voice Professional, Voice Professional and Certified Professional. More detail on these levels can be found on the website by accessing the "How to Get Certified and Find Jobs" tab on the home page or by clicking here.

    Auditioning For Jobs

  • How do I reply to a job posting?
    1. On your dashboard you will see all jobs that you have been invited to, both automatic and personal invites by the voice seeker.
    2. You can view the details of the job or choose to quote the job.
    3. If you choose to quote the job, you will be asked to enter your bid for the job, upload the audition file and your quote file. Once you've done this, send the quote.
    Remember, you can only submit ONCE to a job posting. Do not reply to the job until you are ready to send them your audition file.

    The most rewarded auditions that clients consider when they are looking for a voice include custom written proposals for their project. A persuasive and relevant note will catch more eyes quickly than even the most creative demo. Here is a sample proposal that you could use and personalize:

    Dear Client Name,

    I have included a sample and quote that will suit your project. Please feel free to visit my webpage for more samples should you require a different style of read. My rate is negotiable and my estimated turnaround time is 24 hours depending on the length of the final product, dry voice only. I look forward to working with you.

    Your First and Last Name

    You must submit a quote when auditioning. Whenever possible provide a quote within the client's budget range. Try not quote less than their minimum budget and never quote less than $150 if the job is posted to Voicebox1. If you quote more than the client's budget provide the reason why in your description or quote file. If the deadline is tight it is understandable that you would charge a premium for your time. Likewise, depending on the requested method of delivery, your rate may increase, for example studio booking fees or shipping fees.

    Bid Field
    As an example, if you would like to receive $500 for the job enter $500 into the "Budget" field and the 10% SafeBox fee will be added on top of your quote. This administrative fee covers credit card processing, file delivery, mediation and dispute resolution services if needed. You will always receive the amount you quote. The SafeBox fee is charged to the client, not to you.

    Audition File
    An audition file must be uploaded with your quote. You can send either a custom demo which you've recorded specifically for the job OR an MP3 file that you have already uploaded to your website. You cannot send both.

    Custom Auditions
    If there is a script with the job posting it is recommended that you record a custom audition using a portion of the script provided. To upload a custom audition file, click on the 'Browse' button to locate the file on your computer hard drive. You will receive a confirmation that your audition was submitted successfully once you have clicked on 'Send Quote' to conclude the auditioning process.

    Stock Demos as Auditions
    If there is no script with the job posting you can submit a demo that you have previously uploaded to your demo page. Select one of your existing demos or one that you believe is more appropriate to the job being quoted. Click on the file that you would like to audition with, and then click 'Send Quote' to conclude the auditioning process.

  • Can a client use my audition without my permission? Should I record an audition in full?
  • When you receive an invitation to audition for a voiceover job, a client will, in most cases, include their script. You have two options when replying to the job posting:
    1. Record a snippet of the script as a custom demo. The client only needs about 30-60 seconds to make a decision on your voice and abilities.
    2. Send a generic demo. The client may want you to record the actual script or at least a segment of it. If a script has been provided with the job posting most clients do prefer a custom read. They understand that you need to protect your work and valuable time and expect to receive only a short sample of their script. They know your custom read is just an audition and not the completed work.
    If the script is small to begin with, this is where you may want to introduce modifications such as changing the script slightly or adding subtle sounds to the recording to render the submission useless without being recorded again. Here are some other factors for you to consider regarding custom auditions:
    1. The script is the property of the client (or, if not the same person, the copyright owner whose job is being posted by the client) and is protected under copyright law.
    2. A custom voice sample, once recorded, does not belong to you but to the client and or the copyright owner who posted the job.
    3. You cannot legally use custom auditions recorded from someone else's copyrighted script as spots on your voice over demo or for any purpose other than the audition in question itself without consent from the copyright owner.
  • How Are Audition Responses Ordered?
  • Auditions are determined by the best match possible. Criteria like gender, vocal range and language are “must meet” requirements while others do not have the same level of priority. The talent who are matched best to the job posting are shown first in the clients responses list, then listed in order of submission.

    Getting Paid

  • How do I get paid using SafeBox?
  • SafeBox is our secure payment service that enables a client to make a full deposit up front and have the deposit held until files are delivered satisfactorily through the Voicebox1 website. The Voicebox1 SafeBox service manages payments made through PayPal or by Credit Card for voice recordings you provide the voice seeker.

    Selecting Your Payment Preference
    You can select your preferred payout preferences by selecting the "Update Voice Profile" under My Account (home page)

    Getting Paid by PayPal
    PayPal is a fast, secure way to accept payments online. If you'd like to receive your earnings from Voicebox1 by PayPal, then select this option on the "Update Voice Profile" under My Account (home page) If you have not entered a PayPal email address, payment will be sent via PayPal to your contact email address.

    Getting Paid by Check
    Alternatively, if you'd like to receive your earnings from Voicebox1 by check, we will send you a corporate check denominated in US dollars in the mail. If you select Check as your payout preference you will need to make have completed your full mailing information in your contact information.

    Pay Days
    SafeBox payments are issued on a weekly basis. Funds released by the client between Saturday and Friday will be paid out on the following Friday.


    Rate Sheet

    The following rates are to be used as a guideline for establishing your voice over job budget. Rates vary significantly depending on the regional market, local vs. national campaigns and many other factors. Because of wide number of variables involved, these rates are not intended to represent any standard in the voice acting industry.

    Sample Voice Talent Proposal


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